BitSync Exchange Team

Jung Wook


Jung Wook was the founder and CEO of TheBalance, a company that provides investing strategy and their goal to provide more benefits to the clients. Since founding in August 2013, TheBalance till now has raised ($300+ MM USD in Asia). In the first 12 months since founding, TheBalance closed ($25.3MM USD) in revenue, and will double that in its second year. TheBalance is considered as one the biggest investing firm in Asia, being cash flow positive from day one. As soon as the Bitsync ICO finishes, Jung Wook will remain a shareholder of TheBalance, but will relinquish all of his management duties to a new CEO. Jung Wook will focus exclusively on Bitsync. This applies to all TheBalance members listed in this whitepaper.

Jung Wook is an entrepreneur who has previously founded successful companies in IT and robotics. He was awarded a government scholarship for his education from Konkuk University. In 2013 Jung Wook founded the established Investing,marketing and business consulting company “TheBalance”. With his main competencies in digital marketing, social media marketing, product advertising and branding, he was able to attract well known international clients in France, the United States, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries. Jung’s marketing knowledge of financial technologies and the BLOCKCHAIN led him to co-found “Bitsync”.

Before founding TheBalance , Jung Wook was the Head of Development at Seoul Tradebook Futures for 6 years, in Seoul. There Jung Wook managed a team that was responsible for the entire futures trading platform in Seoul, with annual revenues exceeding $300 million USD. Prior to Seoul, Jung’s college internship and first job out of college was in Tokyo, working for a tech outsource company that was involved in developing trading systems for the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This is where his exchange experience began. Jung Wook was born in Seoul and went to high school and college in Seoul. Jung Wook is well versed in English,Japanese and Chinese, and can speak basic Korean.

Abner Keng

Co-Founder/Product Director

Abner Kemg is a co-founder and the Product Director of TheBalance. Abner Keng has over 10 years of experience in product design, user experience and trading. He drives the innovations in the exchange systems built by TheBalance, and pushes the product far ahead of the the competition in this ultra competitive space.
Former founding CEO of a digital outdoor advertising company which raised more then EUR 300k from Venture Capital firms. Experience in building products and leading teams towards goal execution. With an enormous interest inBLOCKCHAIN and financial technologies he has an experience in investing into crypto ICOs. It is noteworthy that Abner Keng Founded Paysolutions and have a history of working together in a team.

Charlie Bankson

Chief Architect

Charlie Bankson is a co-founder and the Chief Architect of TheBalance. He architects and implements the core matching engine and its middleware. He also oversees client exchanges' public endpoints to ensure security and high performance. Ten years of experience designing and implementing software solutions. His primary expertise is in: B2B Ecommerce,BLOCKCHAIN based systems development, data driven applications and document management applications. Bridging the gap between technical solutions and business. Participated as a technical consultant in startups like Oxycash. Helped design and build scalable, durable and cost optimized solutions covering mobile, front-end and backend tracks.

Sana Kibe

Operations Director

Sana Kibe was a co-founder and the Operations Director of TheBalance. She has many years of management and technology consulting experience, has led 30+ exchange systems projects, and provided comprehensive consulting for strategy, operations, risk control and system development. Prior to TheBalance, Sana Kibe worked at Paysolutions as the senior consultant. She provided many Top 200 companies for strategic and IT consulting, and led ERP information integration systems projects.

Sami Salvador

Vice President of Engineering

Sami Salvador is the VP of Engineering at The Balance, responsible for the Java,Blockchain and C++ implementation of the core machine engine. He has over 12 years of experience in developing exchange systems and financial trading applications. He is constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance and scalability of the system.

Developing Team

David Johnson

Product design/Front End Developer

David Johnson is the core developer of Blockchain, Sr. Technical Analyst David Johnson is already a experienced person in Cryptoworld he was the Senior Developer of “ATC Coin”. David Johnson is a magnificent UX/UI designer with a keen mind for product design. Six years of experience working in companies like "The Balance" and "AgeTech" has positioned him as a high demand user experience designer. David Johnson is most effective when designing handy user interfaces, attractive product landing pages and satisfying mobile apps. He also has a strong knowledge in coding, so can easily communicate with developers.

Atsushi Fuse

Smart Contract Developer

Atsushi Fuse has Seven years of experience implementing software solutions in B2B ecommerce and document management applications. Now he focuses on data driven applications and smart contract development. Full stack software developer capable of handling the whole life-cycle of development processes. He believes no development task is impossible and any idea can be realized.

Toshio Shoji

Waves/Ethereum platform Integration developer and Engineer

An experienced smart contract developer, Toshio Shoji has worked with The Balance and Bitsync CTO, Toshio Shoji as a back-end software engineer for a leading digital advertising company “Adplus”. One of the biggest achievements in Toshios career was being hired by IBM to work on a blockchain technology project in South Africa . The talented Ethereum blockchain developer graduated from Tokyo International University, where he earned his BS in Computer Science. For his graduation diploma, he built a ÐAPP for electronic voting in universities. Toshio Shoji has also passed multiple courses in designing, implementing, and analyzing distributed algorithms.

Ruka Sama

Back-end Developer

7 years of experience in the development of highload web applications. Dozens of successful web projects and start-ups with an audience of 100K users per day. In Bitsync ICO team she helps to develop the back-end of product. Ruka completed her masters in Computer science from Tasuda University in Tokyo. She was awarded as a Core web developer from Tsuda University. Till now Ruka has developed 2k web applications and achieved tremendous success in her career.

Aron Gren

( Expert in UI Projects)

Aron Gren has an extensive background in digital currency, engineering and marketing, Aron Gren been worked as the Strategy Director of Riseregain group for 6 years overseeing most eBusiness and UX/UI projects. He has a keen interest in multimedia production, digital environment and newly evolving technologies including blockchain and crypto assets industries.

Erik Blome

Managing Decentralised Exchanges on Blockchain

An architect of the new blockchain-related microprocessor. He holds an MSc degree in Physics from Malmo State University. Erik Blome worked as a researcher for 6 years in Yonsei and Singapore in one of the world's largest semiconductor companies. Also he's a leader of a microprocessor design startup RubyChain. Nam's innovative vision helps BitSync ICO create blockchain-related projects.

Advisory team

Advisory team that will help BitSync along the road to success

Yori Jo

Yori Jo is a senior executive in the FinTech world,He has more than 20 years of global experience in the world of finance and payments having worked on key industry initiatives including SEPA, CLS, Contactless. Yori Jo has an MA in Economics from Tokyo National University, and an Executive degree in Innovation from the POSTECH.

Barrick Cheong

CEO of Fibroggen

Angel investors in many blockchain businesses.

Jonathan Ron

Jonathan Ron is Chief Currency Officer at Okpay, where he focuses on policy strategy, monetary design, legal advice and compliance, fundraising, as well as monitoring and research. He has long experience in assisting authorities, SMEs and citizens to use community currencies to reach social inclusion, build community, stimulate economic development and ecological balance.

Tapani In

Angel Investor in blockchain businesses in Japan.

Jin Hahm

ICO Advisor

Jin Hahm is not only a founder/CEO of a very well-known ICO project “Draco” (raised 15 million USD in only 45 minutes!), but also has more than 2 years of experience in online reputation systems building (ex-CEO of TechSolutions). Jin Hahm provides significant ICO knowledge to raise money for Bitsync’s development.

Uliana Ju

Co-founder of TechSolutions. ICO Expert and has 4 years of Experience in digital asset Business

Masaaki Wada

Masaaki Wada is a community currency systems expert and social entrepreneur. In addition to founding Oxycash in Seoul,he consults with communities and others interested in using technology to shorten the distance between action and impact.

Elvin Ross

Marketing Lead

One of the largest crypto investor and Advisor in Sweden. Blockchain enthusiast, crypto investor. Expert in eCommerce and digital marketing with more than 8 years of experience. The creator of one of eCommerce leaders in Sweden in the category of Security and Health.The founder of digital marketing agency POSTEN, specializing in promoting eCommerce and blockchain projects on local markets.

Galvin Hades

Based on his successful experience of investing in internet, software and financial industries. Galvin Hades has been getting a strong interest in blockchain, fintech and especially digital assets business. Now as a Co founder of Oxycash, He is contributing on data analysis and visualization service about various crypto information.

Yelizaveta Do

Previously Investment Manager of Housingpool. Now as Bitcoin Investor. Yelizaveta Do is a Hardcore crypto believer, Investor in Altcoin, Known for strong salesmanship and Believes in the right execution.

Maciej Ko

Maciej Ko has been deeply involved in payments industry. After a successful run, his project "NoFee" (founder/CEO) was later bought by an e-commerce giant "RunOn". After the acquisition, Maciej’s involvement in payments didn't stop.

Yashawn Hawang

First Vice-President of CBCC,Investment Advisor. MBA in Financial management from Tokyo University in Japan.