It is confirmed Bitsync Tokens Will be listed on 5 exchanges. ( i.e Ether Delta,, Mercatox, HitBTC, ) On 21st Dec 2017

Listing on Exchange

To get wider acceptance we understand that being listed on our own exchange won't help. Hence we will try to get Bitsync coin listed on as many exchanges as possible. After the completion of ICO we will be listed on 5 exchanges as per talks completed & We will be listing on more 8 exchanges in next 15 Days.


The coins will be offered in ETH.
Bitsync Tokens are ERC20 based Tokens

Allotment of tokens will be done within 12 Hours

Burning Coins

The distribution of Bitsync tokens is taking place over the course of 45 days. We believe this is a sufficient period of time for the public to learn about the project and participate in the ICO.

Bitsync plans to buyback 50% of coins in the span of 18 months and will burn the coins. Limiting the supply of coins only to 50,000,000.

From second quarter we will start the buyback. Every quarter we will buy 10% coins and destroy them. This will continue till next 5 quarters.

Distribution and initial rate

Coin are calculated on the basis of 1 ETH.

1st Nov to 7th Nov

1650 Ethereum

Ethereum (Min 0.5)
Ethereum (Max 5.5)

ICO First phase
11th to 21th NOV

1500 Ethereum

Ethereum (Min 0.5)

ICO Second Phase
22th Nov-2th Dec

1350 Ethereum

Ethereum (Min 0.5)

Third phase
3th to 15th Dec

1250 Ethereum

Ethereum (Min 0.5)

Purchase Bonuses

Discount Bonus Percentage No of Tokens
Presale ICO (1st Nov to 7th nov) 32% 1650
ICO 11th to 21th NOV 20% 1500
ICO 22th Nov to 2th Dec 8% 1350
ICO 3th to 15th Dec No Discount 1250


Apart from the above discount during ICO Investors will be awarded generously if their contribution is as below during ICO.
(This is not for Presale)

ICO Purchase Bonuses

No. of Ethereum Bonus Coins Bonus in Percentage
25-99 63 5%
100-200 125 10%
200-500 187 15%
500-Above 250 20%

Bitsync Coin (bitc)

Bitsync coin will be created at strict limit of 100,000,000 BITC never to be increased. Bitsync will run on ERC 20.


% Amount (BITC) ICO + Presale ICO
60 % 60,000,000 ICO + Presale ICO
20 % 20,000,000 Team
20 % 20,000,000 Global Investors

Total Marketcap

We will have less market cap than most of our counterparts. Most of the exchanges that are trying to raise funds which is huge thus hampering the price of your tokens in near future or they don’t have something in hand.

1. Total tokens that will be issued for Presale ICO is 15,000,000 2. Total token that will be issued in ICO sale will be 45,000,000.

We will be raising approximately 8500 ethereum (5% difference depending on the amount investors invest)
in softcap & 30000 ethereum in ICO.

Softcap 9000 ETH
$ 2.5 Mln

Hardcap 27000 ETH
$ 7.5 Mln