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Bitsync Airdrop Campaign

What is Bitsync ?

BITSYNC is future generation crypto exchange and wants to build Ehtereum based Blockchain exchange

i.e Decentralized Exchange
BITSYNC will be first to have both crypto exchange and decentralized exchange platform.

To add Tokens in Wallet Use :-

Token Name – Bitsync
Symbol – BITC
Decimal – 0
Contract Address - 0xE0c21b3F45fEa3E5fDC811021Fb1F8842caccAd2
ERC20 Tokens
Total Coin Supply – 100,000,000
Airdrop – 21st Oct to 15th Nov 2017

BITSYNC AIRDROP 21st Oct to 15th Nov 2017

Participants can join BitSync airdrop Campaign by registering on our website. After which they need to like, follow & Retweet the airdrop & Bitsync Tweets. Participants also have to follow BitSync on telegram. This will fetch participants 100 Bitsync coin(Bitc). *

Apart from the above 100 coins the participants can earn 25 coins everyday by tweeting about Bitsync everyday (Atleast twice). The maximum participants won’t be above 10000.

Tokens will be airdropped every Monday. First airdrop will be on second Monday (30th oct).


Extra tokens can be earned through various medium

  • Reddit (100 bitc)
  • Bitcointalk (150 bitc)
  • Cryptocointalk(100 bitc)
  • Blogs (150 bitc)
  • Youtube (Depending on video length & views)
  • Telegram (20 bitc)
  • Others (depending on source)

For posting articles related to Bitsync on Reddit, Bitcointalk, Cryptocointalk & Blogs participants can earn Bitc as mentioned above.

Telegram user can invite their friends to join telegram chat of BitSync. For every member that joins telegram, participants get 20 Bitc.

For posting Videos on youtube 300 Bitsync Tokens will be awarded to the qualified users (follow the instruction for video)

2 MINUTES LONG 5 MINUTES LONG / REVIEW Every 2000 views get additional
200 Bitc 300 Bitc 1000 Bitc (within span of airdrop campaign)

- Users will need to submit the links for articles, posts and videos.

- Users can submit the link on the website in Airdrop Tab.

  • Twitter account should have over 100 followers to qualify.

100 Tokens will be given to participants joining on 21stOct. The token count will be reduced by 10 tokens after every passing day.